Be Our Guest!

Why should I be a guest on the show?

  • Most of our guests are part of an organization or business that benefit from speaking about their cause. Think of this as your Ted Talk stage - and your audience is full of dog lovers!
  • Free Promotion! Your brand will be promoted on our Facebook and Instagram pages prior to recording, and the day of your episode release. That's four visual promotions and an audio file that is available for download at anytime through popular platforms like iTunes and Soundcloud. 

How does recording and scheduling work?:

  • Interviews can be scheduled on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 6pm unless otherwise discussed.
  • Meeting in person is preferred and only requires a quiet space with a table for equipment.
  • We'll need a 90 minute block for in person interviews to allow for set up, interview, and break down of equipment.
  • Episode recordings can be anywhere between 25 and 60 minutes.
  • If meeting in person is not possible due to distance or scheduling issues interviews are then conducted through Skype.
  • Episodes are pre-recorded and will be scheduled for a future Monday release.
  • Prior to recording show notes are sent to guest to avoid any surprise questions.
  • You'll be notified in advance of when your episode will be airing so that you can promote it with your own fans. 

Interested? Send us an email -