019: Wolf Hybrids

This episode is our first with three guest - all who are volunteers at Wolf Hollow in Ipswich, Massachusetts. (To learn more about Wolf Hollow check out episode 3: Working with Wolves in Massachusetts ) And, we're discussing Wolf Hybrids or "Wolf Dogs" which is when a breed of dog is crossed with a wolf. 

Wolf Hollow's Hybrid - Bear -  is such an interesting animal (photo above). We'll be discussing the differences in low, medium, and high content hybrids, how to spot a hybrid (physical and behavioral), what it takes to keep a hybrid in your home, and how you're basically better off with a dog. 

If you're interested in learning more about hybrids feel free to check out the links below or visit Wolf Hollow in person! 

Wolf Hollow: http://www.wolfhollowipswich.org/

Wolf Park: http://wolfpark.org/

International Wolf Center: http://www.wolf.org/

Howling Woods: http://www.howlingwoods.org/