The Winter Leash - From Concept to Sale

Meet Mike McMahon a former Army Ranger and avid dog owner in Natick, Massachusetts and inventor of the Winter Leash! Mike, had a problem - He'd walk his dog in the winters around town but, even with a glove or mitten on his leash hand would still get cold. 

So Mike set out to find a solution and with a background in textile purchasing the Winter Leash was born! Right? Well, that would be a bit too easy. 

Take a moment and listen in on how Mike brought his product from concept, to sale.

P.S. There's a discount code in this episode! With cold weather on the way for most of the U.S. you may want to order yours today!

Winter Leash Website -

Polartec- Lawrence, MA - 

Tweave - Norton, MA - 

Murdock Webbing - Central Falls, RI -