009: Project Coyote

This episode comes from one of my most interesting recording spaces - outdoors on a cement block. Listen in as I speak with John Maguranis who's the Massachusetts representative for Project Coyote - a national non-profit organization based in Northern California.

John and I discuss what to do when you spot a coyote, how their family structures work, and how they've evolved and adapted to the coyotes we know today. John also has a great story about a coyote rescue on... the Zakim Bridge?! Yeah. For real. 

Education trumps fear so please pass this along to someone who may feel threatened by coyotes in their area. 

If you have any questions about coyotes please pass them along and I'll make sure to get them answered!

Project Coyote: http://www.projectcoyote.org/

Project Coyote - Coyote Chronicles: http://www.projectcoyote.org/mediaroom/coyote-chronicles/ 

Further Reading: Suburban Howls: Tracking the Eastern Coyote in Urban Massachusetts - http://www.easterncoyoteresearch.com/suburbanhowls/