005: Working as an Animal Control Officer

Today's episode is sandwiched in between multiple listener questions from electric fences, to jogging with a fear of dogs. But, in between we talk all about what it's like to have a career as an Animal Control officer (ACO) with my long time friend, and former Tewksbury, Massachusetts ACO, Tim Sullivan. 

I once thought to myself "I should be an Animal Control Officer" you get to work in one town, drive around all day looking for dog! What a dream! Wrong. It goes so much further than that! The stereo typical idea of a "dog catcher" is out the window. You're working with wildlife, injured animals, farm animals, rabies, and illegal exotic pets.

I'll keep my day job. Enjoy! 


Music By - Monkey Knife Fight: https://mkfmusic.bandcamp.com

P.S. Fox Bats are adorable.