Do you find small talk with a stranger leads to a ten-minute conversation about your dog’s love of fire trucks? Or, a 401k conversation with your in-laws end with a lecture on what a Coywolf is?

Then you're probably in the right place. 

Join Jaclyn and her dog Lucca this fall as they test out the "Six Degrees of Dog Theory".  Enjoy interviews with a cast of characters who are in the business of dogs and their wild cousins. (Unfortunately Lucca's interview skills are limited but he'll be around for emotional support.) 

We'll tackle subjects like:

  • What is a "foster fail" and is fostering right for me?
  • What is a coywolf and how is it different than a coyote? 
  • How did a wolf evolve into my majestic Corgi?
  • How are service dogs trained? 
  • What does the fox actually say? And why does it sound haunted?
  • What the hell is up with my dogs poop? (Yeah, we'll probably talk about poop)
  • Dog savvy budgeting - And, whats the deal with pet insurance?
  • What kind of dog did I see (Write us with a description! We'll try to figure it out and give some breed background!)

But really, we want to hear from you. Head on over to our Contact Page and let us know what you want to know more about! 

Want to be on our show?

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